sac à dos de sport compartimenté

Separate sportswear from business wear

The Smartbag’s dedicated compartments make it easy to find room for all your stuff. Give your bag a break!

Vidéo sac à dos de sport Smartbag 40 KARKOA
Vidéo sac de sport Plume 20 KARKOA
sac de sport pour le travail

From the workplace to the sports hall

Just one bag for sports and weekend trips

time-tested solutions

The bags

Sports bag and computer Nomad 25 Orange sunrise £65 / 74 €
Sports bag Smartbag 40 Smartbag 40 Blue Grey £70/ 89 €
Plume 20 Rose Grey £60 /74 €
Tepee 45 Acid Green £70 / 89 €

The Karkoa brand

Creating an intuitive bag fitted to sportspeople after work has been a fascinating challenge. To keep on imagining innovative luggage, we have set up the French brand KARKOA.

To improve your daily life, each technical solution has been suggested, tested and approved by users. From soccer to squash and fitness, whether on a bike, on the subway or in a car, every situation has been thought out with users.

Reinventing the leisure luggage is our job. Providing you with a unique user experience, our ambition.

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